Our used machinery inventory varies month to month

By nature of the used industrial machinery business, our inventory is always changing as we buy and sell equipment. If you have surplus equipment from cancelled projects, after replaced production lines, or awaiting repair, we can help by bringing it onto the market. We work with contacts across the country and around the globe along with a tested and proven marketing strategy to match up used industrial equipment buyers and sellers. We're always working with:

-Chip making machines - CNC and traditional

- Metal forming equipment

-Finishing equipment - cleaning, deburring, coating and more

- Plastics equipment

-Manufacturing support equipment - lifts, air compressors, packing, and maintenance

-Assembly equipment

- And so much more!

    True to our name, our main service is brokering industrial machinery for our clients. While that may sound complicated or tedious, you will be surprised with how simple we have made the process. We often sell equipment right off of our clients' floors, which saves time and logistical complications. Our brokerage services make selling your surplus machinery a breeze.

      With our fantastic sales team, we’re sure to make the sale you need to get those old machines off your back!

      We also buy machinery outright and offer consignment. Our warehouse is the perfect place to store and show equipment while we market it.