Bramidan Balers

Bramidan makes high quality balers and compactors for waste compaction! We offer a wide variety of vertical balers and compactors for cardboard, paper and plastic. We are a leading manufacturer in the global marketplace and one of the fastest growing suppliers of recycling equipment in the US. We have a shop and office in Chicago, as well as sales representation in Los Angeles, California and San Antonio, Texas.

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BRAMIDAN was started in 1975 as a small family owned company. Today they are one of the leading manufacturers of waste handling machinery internationally. With a wide product line, they have machines optimized to handle plastic, cardboard, and many other materials. Furthermore, they have the reliability and efficiency of a company with decades of experience. BRAMIDAN truly delivers the highest quality balers.

At Global Machine Brokers we are proud to be a licensed distributor of BRAMIDAN balers. We carry an extensive selection of their new equipment. Let GMB be your BRAMIDAN dealer…

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Global has skilled technicians that can service and repair your existing equipment and your existing line of machines. Call or email us if you have repair needs.

GMB can deliver, set up and install your new BRAMIDAN baler. We can also purchase, broker or consign your old machine to help make the transaction faster and easier. Call or email us to get your quote started.

high quality balers and compactors for waste compaction