ACER Group pursues excellence in four areas: Quality, Price, Service, and Availability. Our machines are superior in quality. The prices we offer you are competitive. We offer optimal support for our products and we keep the machine and parts for immediate delivery. When we say it, we mean it. For more than 20 years, we have been providing over 20,000 users the satisfaction for running the machine day in and day out. We have become the backbone of our manufacturing and we are determined to serve you for all your needs.

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ACER is an industrial equipment manufacturer based in Taiwan with two US facilities. They are a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of machining equipment such as vertical machine centers, CNC bed/knee type mills, precision manual mills, surface grinders and engine lathes. ACER ensures premium quality machines while GMB ensures premium service.

At Global Machine Brokers we are proud to be a licensed distributor of ACER machining equipment. We carry an extensive selection of both new and used ACER machines. Let GMB be your ACER dealer…

As a distributor, we also carry ACER machine parts.

Have a broken mill? ACER mill heads are interchangeable with Bridgeport heads.

Why Choose Global Machine Brokers?

Global has skilled technicians that can service and repair your existing equipment and your existing line of machines. Call or email us if you have repair needs.

GMB can deliver, set up and install your new ACER machine. We can also purchase, broker or consign your old machine to help make the transaction faster and easier. Call or email us to get your quote started.

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