Phase - A - Matic

Convert Single-Phase into Three-Phase Power! We are very pleased to announce most of our Rotary Converters and Voltage Stabilizers are now UL Certified !! Phase-A-Matic, Inc. is also excited to announce the launch of our new UL-certified series Static Converter. It is designed with a rugged case and large connection box for easy installation. We think you will like it as much as we do!

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Phase-A-Matic has been providing three-phase power from single-phase lines since 1968. They provide a simple and convenient alternative to running three-phase utility lines to your property in the form of phase converters. Additionally, Phase-A-Matic’s products uphold the best quality standards and leave the warehouse fully tested.

At Global Machine Brokers we’re a proud distributor of new Phase-A-Matic. We carry an extensive selection of phase converters at the most competitive prices. Let GMB be your Phase-A-Matic dealer!

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GMB has skilled technicians that can service and repair your existing phase converters and our line of Phase-A-Matic converters. Call or Email us if you have converter repair needs.

GMB can deliver, set up, and install your new phase converter. Also we can purchase, broker, or consign your old converter to help make the transaction faster and easier. Call or email us to get your quote started.

Convert Single-Phase into Three-Phase Power!